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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Environmental education in MaltaPace, Paul J.
2008Construction and validation of textbook analysis grids for ecology and environmental educationCaravita, Silvia; Valente, Adriana; Pace, Paul J.; Valanides, Nicos; Khalil, Iman; Berthou, Guillemette; Kozan-Naumescu, Adrienne; Clement, Pierre
2003Environmental education : providing a context for a meaningful science educationPace, Paul J.
2017Education for sustainable development in early childhood education : children’s discourses about water consumptionGonzalez, Adriana Burciaga; Pace, Paul J.
2020University teaching staff and sustainable development : an assessment of competencesLeal Filho, Walter; Levesque, Vanessa R.; Lange Salvia, Amanda; Paço, Arminda; Fritzen, Barbara; Frankenberger, Fernanda; Inês Damke, Luana; Brandli, Luciana L.; Veiga Ávila, Lucas; Mifsud, Mark; Will, Markus; Pace, Paul J.; Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.; Orlovic Lovren, Violeta
2010Perceived frameworks of young people on global warming and ozone depletionGrima, Joanne; Leal Filho, Walter; Pace, Paul J.
2018Reinvigorating the sustainable development research agenda : the role of the sustainable development goals (SDG)Leal Filho, Walter; Azeiteiro, Ulisses M.; Alves, Fatima; Pace, Paul J.; Mifsud, Mark C.; Brandli, Luciana; Caeiro, Sandra S.; Disterheft, Antje
2018Local Agenda 21 processes and their implications for the SDGsCaruana, Censu; Pace, Paul J.
2010The contribution of education towards meeting the challenges of climate changeLeal Filho, Walter; Pace, Paul J.; Manolas, Evangelos
2010Teachers' conceptions on environment and GMO in twelve European countriesClément, Pierre; Castéra, Jérémy; Laurent, Charline; Caravita, Silvia; Rauma-Kosonen, Anna-Liisa; Varga, Attila; Turcinaviciene, Jurga; Samonek-Miciuk, Elwira; Kozan-Naumescu, Adrienne; Pace, Paul J.; Pata, Kai; Valanides, Nicos; Bogner, Franz; Carvalho, Graça