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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Implementing the European quality assurance in vocational education and training (EQAVET) at national level : some insights from the PEN Leonardo ProjectGatt, Suzanne; Faurschou, Kim
2012The community as a resource to educate primary school childrenGatt, Suzanne; Armeni, Laura Sue
2013The EQAVET experience in Malta : using similar indicators for different sector and size of VET providerGatt, Suzanne; Magro Scerri, Maria; Faurschou, Kim; Feliciano, Sandra; Tannhauser, Anne-Christin
2008-08Animals in the lives of young Maltese childrenTunnicliffe, Sue Dale; Gatt, Suzanne; Agius, Catherine; Pizzuto, Sue Anne
2013Science education in Europe : pedagogical challengesGatt, Suzanne; Armeni, Laura Sue
2005-04Youth unemployment task force : statements and commentsGatt, Suzanne
2006The school to work transition of young people in Malta : results of a study among young people looking for workGatt, Suzanne; Gatt, Kevin
2012Creative little scientists : enabling creativity through science and mathematics in preschool and first years of primary educationHavu-Nuutinen, Sari; Gatt, Suzanne
2007Peer learning in primary school science : theoretical perspectives and implications for classroom practiceThurston, Allen; van de Keere, Kristof; Kosack, Walter; Gatt, Suzanne; Marchal, Jean; Mestdagh, Nele; Schmeinck, Daniela; Sidor, W.; Donnert, K.; Topping, Keith J.
2014Adapting ibse material across Europe : experiences from the Pri-Sci-Net FP7 ProjectGatt, Suzanne; Byrne, Jenny; Rietdijk, Willeke; Tunnicliffe, Sue Dale; Kalaitsidaki, Marianna; Stavrou, Dimitris; Tsagliotis, Nektarios; Gaudiello, Ilaria; Zibetti, Elisabetta; Scheersoi, Annette; Papadouris, Nikos; Kramer, Philipp; Constantinou, C. P.; Papadouris, Nikos; Hadjigeorgiou, A.