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Title: A review of Malta’s pre-temple Neolithic pottery wares
Authors: Richard-Trémeau, Emma
Brogan, Catriona
Betts, John Charles
Anastasi, Maxine
Vella, Nicholas C.
Keywords: Archaeology -- Malta
Pottery, Ancient
Neolithic period -- Malta
Pottery, Prehistoric -- Malta
Malta -- Antiquities
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: De Gruyter
Citation: Richard-Trémeau, T., Brogan, C., Betts, J. C., Anastasi, M. & Vella, N. C. (2023). A review of Malta’s pre-temple Neolithic pottery wares. Open Archaeology, 9(1), 20220310.
Abstract: Sites from the earliest known phases of Maltese prehistory often consist of scatters of sherds for the Għar Dalam and Skorba phases (6000–4800 BCE), and tomb contexts for the Żebbuġ phase (3800–3600 BCE). Neolithic studies are, therefore, heavily reliant on the study of pottery. Although traditional typological and seriation-based analyses of the pottery record have substantially enhanced our knowledge of Early Neolithic Malta, there is a growing appreciation of the need to go beyond these approaches to gain new insights. This study reviews the accessible literature on fabric studies on assemblages found in the Maltese Islands, presenting the state of knowledge for the pottery of the Għar Dalam, Skorba (Early Neolithic), and Żebbuġ (Late Neolithic) phases. Microphotographs of pottery wares were selected from a compilation produced for an ongoing project (the MaltaPot project) to illustrate the descriptions found in the literature. The advances made by archaeologists in studying the Maltese Neolithic pottery are reviewed, and suggestions for building on them are proposed, as archaeometric and petrographic techniques have not been applied systematically to Neolithic pottery from Malta.
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