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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Active citizenship and late-life learning in the communityBorg, Carmel; Formosa, Marvin
1996Adult and continuing education in small and island states : the case of MaltaBaldacchino, Godfrey; Mayo, Peter
2012Adult education and social movements : perspectives from Freire and beyondEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2011Adult education and the state : Gramsci, the historical materialist tradition and relevant othersEnglish, Leona; Mayo, Peter
2007-07Adult education in MaltaMayo, Peter
2012Adult education in Malta : challenges and prospectsMayo, Peter
2008Adult education in small states : the case of MaltaMayo, Peter; Pace, Paul J.; Zammit, Edward
2016Adult learning in Malta : insights into current participation, content and forms of adult learningBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter; Raykov, Milosh
2011Adult learning, instruction and programme planning : insights from FreireMayo, Peter
2012-09-30Aldo Micallef-Grimaud (1925-2010) [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2009Antonio Gramsci and educational thought [Editorial]Mayo, Peter
2008Antonio Gramsci and his relevance for the education of adultsMayo, Peter
2005Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Freire : some connections and contrastsMayo, Peter
2007-05-03Antonio Gramsci e l’educazione degli adultiMayo, Peter
2005-03Antonio Gramsci y Paulo Freire : algunas conexiones y contrastesMayo, Peter
2012The Arab Spring : digitial youth and the challenge of workHerrera, Linda; Mayo, Peter
2010Baroque painting in Malta [Book Review]Mayo, Peter
2018Beyond learning for earning : the long-term outcomes of course-based and immersion community service learningRaykov, Milosh; Taylor, Alison
2008Can the migrant speak? Voicing myself, voicing the otherGalea, Simone
2002Caring for future generations : an inter-religious Mediterranean educational agendaSultana, Ronald G.