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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Learning career management skills in Europe : a critical reviewSultana, Ronald G.
2007Learning communities : schools, parents and challenges for wider community involvement in schoolsMayo, Peter
2012Learning from the Mediterranean : the return of the political and an education in hopeSultana, Ronald G.
1994Let me dream! : transforming educational futuresSultana, Ronald G.
2011Lifelong guidance, citizen rights and the state : reclaiming the social contractSultana, Ronald G.
2012Lifelong learning and schools as community learning centres : key aspects of a national curriculum draft policy framework for MaltaMayo, Peter
2014Livelihood planning and career guidance in Palestine and the broader MENA regionSultana, Ronald G.
2008Looking back before moving forward : building on 15 years of comparative educational research in the MediterraneanSultana, Ronald G.
1995Malta's national curriculum : a critical analysisBorg, Carmel; Camilleri, Jennifer; Mayo, Peter; Xerri, Toni
1995The Maltese community in Toronto : a proposed adult education strategyBorg, Carmel; Camilleri, Jennifer; Mayo, Peter
2010Museums : adult education as cultural politicsBorg, Carmel; Mayo, Peter
2003Museums education and cultural contestation : the case of the Malta Maritime MuseumBorg, Carmel; Cauchi, Bernard; Mayo, Peter
1982The normative foundations of lifelong educationWain, Kenneth
2011On being a 'boundary person' : mediating between the local and the global in career guidance policy learningSultana, Ronald G.
2007Palestinian refugee children and education : challenges for UNRWASultana, Ronald G.
1997Paulo Freire 1921-1997Mayo, Peter
1997Paulo Freire 1921-1997 : an appreciationMayo, Peter
2012Pedagogia degli oppressi, lezione del novecento : ereditadi Paulo FreireMayo, Peter
1992Personal and social education : curriculum innovation and school bureaucracies in MaltaSultana, Ronald G.
2014Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will? Troubling the relationship between career guidance and social justiceSultana, Ronald G.