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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005The renewable energy potential of the Maltese IslandsFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Yousif, Charles; Mallia, Edward A.
2010The potential and constraints of wind farm development at nearshore sites in the Maltese islandsFarrugia, Robert N.; Deidun, Alan; Debono, Godwin; Mallia, Edward A.; Sant, Tonio
2008Energy study in a Maltese householdFarrugia, Robert N.; Yousif, Charles; Villameriel Tejedor, Marta
2003Energy technology options for a better environmentFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Yousif, Charles
2014Wind speed measurements in the vicinity of a tubular mast : influence of data selection methods on wind speed average determinationFarrugia, Robert N.; Sant, Tonio
2006Barriers and incentives for the widespread application of renewable energy in MaltaFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Mallia, Edward A.; Yousif, Charles
2013Modelling wind speeds for cup anemometers mounted on opposite sides of a lattice tower : a case studyFarrugia, Robert N.; Sant, Tonio
2013Verifying meteorological station wind speed data forlLong-term resource studies : the MIA Luqa wind databases at MaltaSalgado, Mayor L.; Farrugia, Robert N.; Galdies, Charles; Sant, Tonio
2014Offshore floating wind turbine-driven deep sea water pumping for combined electrical power and district coolingSant, Tonio; Buhagiar, Daniel; Farrugia, Robert N.
2010Testing of an air source heat pump water heater in MaltaMorentin Gutierrez, Sara; Yousif, Charles; Farrugia, Robert N.