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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Acoustic measurements in the collimation region of the LHCDeboy, Daniel; Assmann, Ralph W.; Baccigalupi, C.; Burkart, Florian; Demicoli, Marija; Derrez, Clement; Lendaro, J.; Masi, Alessandro; Redaelli, Stefano; Spiezia, G.; Wollmann, Daniel
2012Improved robustness of the LHC collimation system by operating with a jaw-beam angleLari, Luisella; Assmann, Ralph W.; Rossi, Adriana; Demicoli, Marija; Faus-Golfe, A.
2013Remote estimation of collimator jaw damages with sound measurements during beam impactsDeboy, Daniel; Assmann, Ralph W.; Aberle, Oliver; Carra, Federico; Demicoli, Marija; Lendaro, J.; Masi, Alessandro; Redaelli, Stefano
2018Analytical, numerical and experimental study of a horizontal electrothermal MEMS microgripper for the deformability characterisation of human red blood cellsDemicoli, Marija; Grech, Ivan; Mallia, Bertram; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Sammut, Nicholas
2021Income maximisation in a Maltese household photovoltaic system by means of output and consumption simulationsZingariello, Daniele; Demicoli, Marija; Mule’ Stagno, Luciano
2022Coupled finite element-finite volume multi-physics analysis of MEMS electrothermal actuatorsSciberras, Thomas; Demicoli, Marija; Grech, Ivan; Mallia, Bertram; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Sammut, Nicholas
2008-02-03Energy efficiency & renewables : policies, applications & researchYousif, Charles
1999-06RooftopGrid-connected solar photovoltaic systems economically feasible by the year 2010Yousif, Charles
2013Optimising photovoltaic power generation and useable area by varying the solar module tiltGómez Rebé, Marcos; Mule’ Stagno, Luciano; Yousif, Charles
2010Solar energy in the home - your FAQs answeredYousif, Charles
2016Affordable and clean energy - ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for allYousif, Charles
2011Sunshine electricity : photovoltaics FAQsYousif, Charles
2004-12Solar water heating systems under the lensFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Yousif, Charles
2018MaltaYousif, Charles
2006The renewable energy potential of MaltaFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Mallia, Edward A.; Yousif, Charles
2017Assessing PV module degradation and the potential of using greenhouse roofs for supplemental PV power generation in MaltaBartolo, Kristy; Yousif, Charles
2005-12-04Solar, wind energy could save Malta millionsYousif, Charles
2006-09-03Government should support widest use of renewable energyYousif, Charles
2007-04-22Losing our rooftops... and still no energy planScerri, Edward; Yousif, Charles
1998-07-19Photovoltaics : what, where, who....!!Yousif, Charles
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 169