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Title: Causes and consequences of childhood obesity
Authors: Blundell, Renald
Gieleta, Andrea Weronika
Keywords: Obesity in children -- Malta
Obesity -- Risk factors
Obesity -- Treatment
Obesity in children -- Prevention
Issue Date: 2024-06
Publisher: Standard Publications Ltd.
Citation: Blundell, R., & Gieleta, A. W. (2024, June 2). Causes and consequences of childhood obesity. The Malta Independent on Sunday, 22.
Abstract: Childhood obesity has emerged as a pressing public health concern worldwide, with its prevalence reaching alarming levels in recent decades. Defined as excess adiposity in children and adolescents, childhood obesity poses significant health risks and imposes substantial burdens on individuals, families and healthcare systems. While the aetiology of childhood obesity is multifaceted and influenced by a complex interplay of genetic, environmental and behavioural factors, its consequences extend far beyond physical health, encompassing psychological, social and economic ramifications. Understanding the causes and consequences of childhood obesity is essential for developing effective prevention and intervention strategies to address this growing epidemic and improve the health and well-being of future generations.
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