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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09Sensitivity of ground motion parameters to local shear-wave velocity models : the case of buried low-velocity layersFarrugia, Daniela; Galea, Pauline; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Paolucci, Enrico
2016-12Modelling of earthquake ground response in the Maltese islands using results from geophysical investigationsFarrugia, Daniela; Galea, Pauline; D’Amico, Sebastiano
2015Resonance frequency characteristics of buildings in Malta and Gozo using ambient vibrationsGalea, Pauline; Micallef, Aaron; Muscat, Rebecca; D'Amico, Sebastiano
2015Update on the Malta Seismic NetworkAgius, Matthew R.; Galea, Pauline; D’Amico, Sebastiano
2015Enhancements of seafloor observatories and applications for natural hazard assessment and environmental monitoringItaliano, F.; Agius, Matthew R.; Caruso, C.; Corbo, A.; D’Amico, Sebastiano; D‘Anca, F.; Galea, Pauline; Hicklin, W.; Lazzaro, G.; Nigrelli, A.; Zora, M.; Zammit-Mangion, L.; Favali, P.
2018-04GPR prospecting and 3D virtual model of the St. John Co-Cathedral, Valletta (Malta)D’Amico, Sebastiano; Persico, Raffaele; De Giorgio, Cynthia; Alescio, Adriana; Colica, Emanuele; Sammut, Charles; Galea, Pauline; Bozionelos, George; Matera, Loredana
2018Engineering geological zonation of a complex landslide system through seismic ambient noise measurements at the Selmun Promontory (Malta)Iannucci, Roberto; Martino, Salvatore; Paciello, Antonella; D’Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline
2012Site effects on fault-zone : results from ambient noise measurementsPanzera, Francesco; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Lombardo, Giuseppe; Monaco, Carmelo; Stefano, Agata Di
2012The role of slope instability on directional site effects observed at Fekruna Bay, MaltaPanzera, Francesco; D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Lombardo, Giuseppe
2014Shear wave velocity inversion and its influence on seismic site response : case studies from Malta and Catania (Italy)D'Amico, Sebastiano; Galea, Pauline; Panzera, Francesco; Lombardo, Giuseppe