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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Fluid escape structures revealing volcanic and tectonic activity in the Graham Bank (Sicily Channel)Spatola, Daniele; Sulli, Attilio; Micallef, Aaron; Basilone, Luca; Pennino, Valentina; Interbartolo, Francesco; Basilone, Gualtiero; Bonanno, Angelo; Ferreri, Rosalia; Genovese, Simona; Pulizzi, Maurizio
2006A geomorphological investigation of lateral spreading and translational sliding within the Storegga SlideMicallef, Aaron; Masson, Douglas G.; Berndt, Christian; Blondel, Philippe; Stow, Dorrik A.V.
2016Characterising the ocean frontier : a review of marine geomorphometryLecours, Vincent; Dolan, Margaret F. J.; Micallef, Aaron; Lucieer, Vanessa L.
2011A topographic signature of a hydrodynamic origin for submarine gulliesMicallef, Aaron; Mountjoy, Joshu J.
2015An ocean of possibilities : applications and challenges of marine geomorphometryLecours, Vincent; Lucieer, Vanessa L.; Dolan, Margaret F. J.; Micallef, Aaron
2012Deep-seated bedrock landslides and submarine canyon evolution in an active tectonic margin : Cook Strait, New ZealandMicallef, Aaron; Mountjoy, Joshu J.; Canals, Miquel; Lastras, Galderic
2015First report of live deep-water cnidarian assemblages from the Malta EscarpmentAngeletti, Lorenzo; Mecho, Ariadna; Doya, Carolina; Micallef, Aaron; Huvenne, Veerle A. I.; Georgiopoulou, Aggeliki; Taviani, Marco
2016Late quaternary coastal landscape morphology and evolution of the Maltese Islands (Mediterranean Sea) reconstructed from high-resolution seafloor dataFoglini, Federica; Prampolini, Mariacristina; Micallef, Aaron; Angeletti, Lorenzo; Vandelli, Vittoria; Deidun, Alan; Soldati, Mauro; Taviani, Marco
2016A review of marine geomorphometry, the quantitative study of the seafloorLecours, Vincent; Dolan, Margaret F. J.; Micallef, Aaron; Lucieer, Vanessa L.
2016Tectonic expression of an active slab tear from high‐resolution seismic and bathymetric data offshore Sicily (Ionian Sea)Gutscher, Marc-Andre; Dominguez, Stephane; Lepinay, Bernard Mercier de; Pinheiro, Luis; Gallais, Flora; Babonneau, Nathalie; Cattaneo, Antonio; Faou, Yann Le; Barreca, Giovanni; Micallef, Aaron; Rovere, Marzia