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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Morphology and sediment dynamics of the northern Catalan continental shelf, northwestern Mediterranean SeaDuran, Ruth; Canals, Miquel; Sanz, Jose Luis; Lastras, Galderic; Amblas, David; Micallef, Aaron
2013Sediment dynamics and post-glacial evolution of the continental shelf around the Blanes submarine canyon head (NW Mediterranean)Duran, Ruth; Canals, Miquel; Lastras, Galderic; Micallef, Aaron; Amblas, David; Pedrosa-Pamies, Rut; Sanz, Jose Luis
2014Space-for-time substitution and the evolution of a submarine canyon–channel system in a passive progradational marginMicallef, Aaron; Ribo, Marta; Canals, Miquel; Puig, Pere; Lastras, Galderic; Tubau, Xavier
2013Significance of the fine drainage pattern for submarine canyon evolution : the Foix Canyon system, northwestern Mediterranean SeaTubau, Xavier; Lastras, Galderic; Canals, Miquel; Micallef, Aaron; Amblas, David
2012Deep-seated bedrock landslides and submarine canyon evolution in an active tectonic margin : Cook Strait, New ZealandMicallef, Aaron; Mountjoy, Joshu J.; Canals, Miquel; Lastras, Galderic
2013Construction of an oceanic island : insights from El Hierro 2011–12 submarine volcanic eruptionRivera, Jesus; Lastras, Galderic; Canals, Miquel; Acosta, Juan; Arrese, B.; Hermida, N.; Micallef, Aaron; Tello, O.; Amblas, David
2014Earthquake-triggered subaerial landslides that caused large scale fjord sediment deformation : combined subaerial and submarine studies of the 2007 Aysen Fjord event, ChileHermanns, Reginald L.; Sepulveda, Sergio A.; Lastras, Galderic; Amblas, David; Canals, Miquel; Azpiroz, Maria; Bascunan, Ignacio; Calafat, Antonio M.; Duhart, Paul; Frigola, Jaime; Iglesias, Olaia; Kempf, Philipp; Lafuerza, Sara; Longva, Oddvar; Micallef, Aaron; Oppikofer, Thierry; Rayo, Xavier; Vargas, Gabriel; Molina, Freddy Yugsi
2013Space-for-time substitution and the evolution of submarine canyons in a passive, progradational marginMicallef, Aaron; Ribó, Marta; Canals, Miquel; Puig, Pere; Lastras, Galderic; Tubau, Xavier
2014Geomorphic response of submarine canyons to tectonic activity : insights from the Cook Strait canyon system, New ZealandMicallef, Aaron; Mountjoy, Joshu J.; Barnes, Philip M.; Canals, Miquel; Lastras, Galderic
2013Landslides cause tsunami waves : insights from Aysen Fjord, ChileLastras, Galderic; Amblas, David; Calafat, Antoni M.; Canals, Miquel; Frigola, Jaime; Hermanns, Reginald L.; Longva, Oddvar; Micallef, Aaron; Sepulveda, Sergio A.; Vargas, Gabriel; Batist, Marc De; Daele, Maarten Van; Azpiroz, Maria; Bascunan, Ignacio; Duhart, Paul; Iglesias, Olaia; Kempf, Philipp; Rayo, Xavier