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Title: Proceedings of the international conference : Georisks in the Mediterranean and their mitigation
Other Titles: Georisks in the Mediterranean and their mitigation
Authors: Borg, Ruben Paul
Galea, Pauline
Farrugia, Daniela
Agius, Matthew R.
D'Amico, Sebastiano
Torpiano, Alex
Bonello, Marc
Keywords: Hazard mitigation -- Mediterranean Region
Hazardous geographic environments -- Mediterranean Region
Natural disasters -- Geographic information systems -- Mediterranean Region
Earthquake hazard analysis -- Mediterranean Region
Buildings -- Earthquake effects -- Mediterranean Region
Seismology -- Mediterranean Region
Georisks in the Mediterranean and their mitigation (2015 : University of Malta, Valletta Campus)
Issue Date: 2015-07
Publisher: Mistral Service sas
Citation: Galea, P., Borg, R. P., Farrugia, D., Agius, M., D'Amico, S., Torpiano, A., & Bonello, M. (Eds.). (2015). Proceedings of the international conference : Georisks in the Mediterranean and their mitigation. Messina (Italy): Mistral Service sas.
Abstract: This conference is one of the activities organised within the SIMIT strategic project (Integrated Cross-Border Italo-Maltese System of Civil Protection), Italia-Malta Operational Programme 2007 – 2013. SIMIT aims to establish a system of collaboration in Civil Protection procedures and data management between Sicilian and Maltese partners, so as to guarantee the safety and protection of the citizens and infrastructure of the cross-border area. It is led by the Department of Civil Protection of the Sicilian region, and has as other partners the Department of Civil Protection of Malta and the Universities of Palermo, Catania and Malta. SIMIT was launched in March 2013, and will come to a close in October 2015. Ever since the initial formulation of the project, it has been recognised that a state of national preparedness and correct strategies in the face of natural hazards cannot be truly effective without a sound scientific knowledge of the hazards and related risks. The University of Malta, together with colleagues from other Universities in the project, has been contributing mostly to the gathering and application of scientific knowledge, both in earthquake hazard as well as in building vulnerability. The issue of seismic hazard in the cross-border region has been identified as deserving foremost importance. South-East Sicily in particular has suffered on more than one occasion the effects of large devastating earthquakes. Malta, although fortunately more removed from the sources of such large earthquakes, has not been completely spared of their damaging effects. The drastic increase in the building density over recent decades has raised the level of awareness and concern of citizens and authorities about our vulnerability. These considerations have spurred scientists from the cross-border region to work together towards a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and nature of seismic and associated hazards, such as landslide and tsunami. The SIMIT project has provided us with the means of improving earthquake surveillance and analysis in the Sicily Channel and further afield in the Mediterranean, as well as with facilities to study the behaviour of our rocks and buildings during earthquake shaking. The role of the civil engineering community in this endeavour cannot be overstated, and this is reflected in the incorporation, from the beginning, of the civil engineering component in the SIMIT project. Constructing safer buildings is now accepted to be the major option towards human loss mitigation during strong earthquakes, and this project has provided us with a welcome opportunity for interaction between the two disciplines. Finally the role of the Civil Protection authorities must occupy a central position, as we recognize the importance of their prevention, coordination and intervention efforts, aided by the input of the scientific community. This conference brings together a diversity of geoscientists and engineers whose collaboration is the only way forward to tackling issues and strategies for risk mitigation. Moreover we welcome the contribution of participants from farther afield than the Central Mediterranean, so that their varied experience may enhance our efforts. We are proud to host the conference in the historic city of Valletta, in the heart of the Mediterranean, which also serves as a constant reminder of the responsibility of all regions to protect and conserve our collective heritage.
Description: An international scientific conference organised by the Seismic Monitoring and Research Unit, Department of Geoscience, Faculty of Science, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering and Department of Construction and Property Management, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Malta.
Part of the SIMIT project: Integrated civil protection system for the Italo-Maltese cross-border area. Italia-Malta Programme – Cohesion Policy 2007-2013
ISBN: 9788898161201
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