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Title: ‘Il-kontroll tal-qamar fuq id-dinja’ : a research into the hypertext interactive mode of documentary
Authors: Calleja, Matthew
Keywords: Documentary films
Hypertext systems
Virtual reality
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This research investigates how the industry and academia define linear and nonlinear documentaries and examines a number of nonlinear key projects which are considered as milestones in this relatively new field. The research focuses on to the most popular nonlinear mode of interactive documentaries which Sandra Gaudenzi calls the hypertext mode of interactivity. It enables the user to explore a documentary’s topic by clicking on hyperlinks which take her from a text to another in a closed database. The project challenges the traditional linear structure in video documentary production by applying a hypertext interactive mode in an attempt to get an understanding of how a user can experience a branching narrative and examine any continuation from the linear documentary form. This research analyses the production process which discusses the choice of topic, data collection, the rhizome theory’s influence over data organisation, interaction, and exhibition presentation considerations. Moreover, the project discusses and adopts a qualitative research methodology by conducting in depth interviews, a focus group, and project testing. A reflective discussion briefly debates the various aspects and attributes of nonlinear interactive documentaries as a new art form and puts forward some interesting points which were brought up by the interviewees. These are further discussed in the context of the project. The future of interactive documentaries is also discussed in a world where virtual reality is advancing rapidly and the contemporary relevance of the hypertext mode of interactivity is questioned. This dissertation is a first attempt at understanding how both the industry and academia identify nonlinear interactive documentaries, while focusing on the hypertext mode of interactivity.
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