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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A country Pandemic Risk Exposure Measurement modelGrima, Simon; Kizilkaya, Murat; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romānova, Inna; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo
2021The effects of risk management on performance of Euro Mediterranean insurance firmsAttard, Maria; Caruana, Yanica; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Galea, Chantelle; Girlando, Alessandra; Grech, Janice; Soar, Aliscia; Teuma, Joseph; Vella, Daniela; Grima, Simon
2021The role of appreciative inquiry to supporting students’ healthy transition into the post-graduate world : a case study at the University of MaltaDalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Camilleri, Joan
2021A proactive approach to identify the exposure risk to COVID-19 : validation of the Pandemic Risk Exposure Measurement (PREM) model using real-world dataGrima, Simon; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Kizilkaya, Murat; Romānova, Inna; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Jakovljevic, Mihajlo
2022Multi-dimensional modelling for mapping project trade-offs in construction : a Maltese perspectiveDimech, George; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Wild, Alan
2021The relationship between risk perception and risk definition and risk-addressing behaviour during the early COVID-19 stagesGrima, Simon; Hamarat, Bahattin; Özen, Ercan; Girlando, Alessandra; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca
2018Design development of floating performance structure for coastal areas in the Maltese IslandsDalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Falzon, Joseph
2020Building sustainably : the project manager’s contribution in delivering sustainable projects - a Maltese and international perspectiveBorg, Ruth; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Borg, Simon Paul
2022Insurance and risk management for disruptions in social, economic and environmental systems : decision and control allocations within new domains of riskGrima, Simon; Özen, Ercan; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca
2020Financial derivatives : a blessing or a curse?Grima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Thalassinos, Ioannis E.