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Title: Modelling of the wireless propagation characteristics inside aircraft
Other Titles: Aerospace technologies advancements
Authors: Debono, Carl James
Farrugia, Reuben A.
Chetcuti, Keith
Keywords: Airplanes -- Electronic equipment
Wireless LANs
IEEE 802.11 (Standard)
Issue Date: 2010-01
Publisher: InTech
Citation: Debono, C. J., Farrugia, R. A., & Chetcuti, K. (2010). Modelling of the wireless propagation characteristics inside aircraft. In T. Thawar, Aerospace technologies advancements (pp. 361-378). Rijeka: InTech.
Abstract: Advances in wireless communications technology and more sophisticated portable devices have led to a drastic increase in wireless services and applications. This advancement was made possible through hardware improvements which allow more functions to be implemented in smaller sized devices. The demand for more wireless services has pushed the industry and the research community to increase the communication data rates, connectivity, and availability. The increase in the user base has also brought a decrease in the cost of the services. Although wireless access is becoming available in all public places around the world, this is still not the case for the air passengers who are cut off from wireless services during the duration of the flight. Deployment of wireless technology inside aircraft is still a hot issue due to uncertainties related to interference. Yet, the European Commission has prepared the legal framework for wireless connectivity inside aircraft in April 2008 (Commission, 2008). Aircraft manufacturers will benefit from this technology by exploiting wireless networks to reduce the cable complexity, hence the weight of the aircraft, and by providing new in-flight services, such as online passenger meal selection, service request and video on demand. On the other hand, provisioning of wireless service during flight would profit passengers, since they gain seamless access to common wireless services, such as phone, Internet, and multimedia communications.
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