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Title: A software development framework for hardware centric applications: an architectural perspective
Authors: Cachia, Ernest
Bonello, Michael
Keywords: Software engineering
Computer software -- Development
Computer architecture
Software frameworks
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of ICT
Citation: Cachia, E., & Bonello, M. (2008). A software development framework for hardware centric applications: an architectural perspective. 1st Workshop in Information and Communication Technology (WICT 2008), Msida. 1-6.
Abstract: Throughout the history of Software Engineering, software development has been looked at from various perspectives, in terms of: usability, suitability for proposed problem, speed of development, relevance to real world scenarios, as well as in terms of the hardware that it needs to manifest itself in the real world. This paper delves deeper into the aspect of the actual core concept in software engineering: that of mapping software onto hardware[1], focused specifically on Hardware Centric systems (HCS), (systems where the hardware dictates to an influential level, the actual nature of the software); examining the various frameworks and concepts that exist for displaying this mapping from an architecture point of view, so as to establish if there is a need for a more complete and/or effective framework. It also proposes a roadmap proposal for a base architecture framework for the development of Hardware Centric applications, which will then be employed to determine if a suitable framework already exists.
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