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Title: An occam style communications system for UNIX networks
Authors: Vella, Kevin
Keywords: UNIX device drivers (Computer programs)
occam (Computer program language)
Computer networks
Computer network protocols
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: University of Kent
Citation: Vella, K. J. (1995). An occam style communications system for UNIX networks. (Technical Report 13-95). Canterbury, United Kingdom: University of Kent.
Abstract: This document describes the design of a communications system which provides occam style communications primitives under a Unix environment, using TCP/IP protocols, and any number of other protocols deemed suitable as underlying transport layers. The system will integrate with a low overhead scheduler/kernel without incurring significant costs to the execution of processes within the run time environment. A survey of relevant occam and occam3 features and related research is followed by a look at the Unix and TCP/IP facilities which determine our working constraints, and a description of the T9000 transputer's Virtual Channel Processor, which was instrumental in our formulation. Drawing from the information presented here, a design for the communications system is subsequently proposed. Finally, a preliminary investigation of methods for lightweight access control to shared resources in an environment which does not provide support for critical sections, semaphores, or busy waiting, is made. This is presented with relevance to mutual exclusion problems which arise within the proposed design. Future directions for the evolution of this project are discussed in conclusion.
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