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Title: A realistic generic model for anti-tetrachiral systems
Authors: Gatt, Ruben
Attard, Daphne
Farrugia, Pierre-Sandre
Azzopardi, Keith M.
Mizzi, Luke
Brincat, Jean-Pierre
Grima, Joseph N.
Keywords: Finite element method
Materials -- Mechanical properties
Chemical models
Issue Date: 2013-10
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Citation: Gatt, R., Attard, D., Farrugia, P. S., Azzopardi, K. M., Mizzi, L., Brincat, J. P., & Grima, J. N. (2013). A realistic generic model for anti-tetrachiral systems. Physica Status Solidi (b), 250(10), 2012-2019.
Abstract: Chiral systems are a class of structures, which may exhibit the anomalous property of a negative Poisson's ratio. Proposed by Wojciechowski and implemented later by Lakes, these structures have aroused interest due to their remarkable mechanical properties and numerous potential applications. In view of this, this paper investigates the on-axis mechanical properties of the general forms of the flexing anti-tetrachiral system through analytical and finite element models. The results suggest that these are highly dependent on the geometry (the ratio of ligament lengths, thicknesses, and radius of nodes) and material properties of the constituent materials. We also show that the rigidity of an anti-tetrachiral system can be changed without altering the Poisson's ratio.
Description: This work has been funded through the European Union 6th Framework Programme STREP project NMP3-CT-2005-013641 (CHISMACOMB). This research has been carried out using computational facilities procured through the European Regional Development Fund, Project ERDF-080 “A Supercomputing Laboratory for the University of Malta”. The authors would also like to acknowledge the financial help received by the Malta Council of Research and Technology (MCST) and the University of Malta.
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