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Title: Assessment of the lifting line approximation for wind turbine blade modelling
Authors: Sant, Tonio
Campo, Vanessa del
Micallef, Daniel
Ferreira, Carlos Simao
Keywords: Wind turbines
Wind turbines -- Aerodynamics
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)
Citation: Sant, T., del Campo, V., Micallef, D., & Ferreira, C. S. (2014). Assessment of the lifting line approximation for wind turbine blade modelling. EWEA 2014-European Wind Energy Conference, Barcelona. 1-10.
Abstract: Lifting line vortex approaches have been widely used to predict rotor flow fields. Nonetheless, there could be some deficiencies in the flow field close to the blade due to the assumption that blade vorticity is concentrated on a line. The present study thoroughly assessed the errors arising from this approximation by prescribing the bound circulation as a boundary condition on the flow, using an inverse lifting-line free- wake vortex approach. The prescribed bound circulation was calculated front two independent sources using (1) experimental results from PIV and (2) data generated from a 3D panel free- wake vortex approach, where the blade geometry is fully modelled. The flow field around the blades from the inverse lifting line vortex model was then compared with those directly produced by SPIV and the 3D panel model.
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