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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The effect of benzalkonium chloride additions to AH Plus sealer. Antimicrobial, physical and chemical propertiesArias-Moliz, Maria Teresa; Ruiz-Linares, Matilde; Cassar, Glenn; Ferrer-Luque, Carmen Maria; Baca, Pilar; Ordinola-Zapata, Ronald; Camilleri, Josette
2017Effect of polishing procedures and hydrothermal aging on wear characteristics and phase transformation of zirconium dioxideBartolo, Darrell; Cassar, Glenn; Al-Haj Husain, Nadin; Ozcan, Mutlu; Camilleri, Josette
2015Effect of sterilization techniques prior to antimicrobial testing on physical properties of dental restorative materialsFarrugia, Cher; Cassar, Glenn; Valdramidis, Vasilis; Camilleri, Josette
2016Surface microstructural changes and release of Ions from dental metal alloy removable prostheses in patients suffering from acid refluxBorg, William; Cassar, Glenn; Camilleri, Liberato; Attard, Nikolai J.; Camilleri, Josette
2013Characterization of set intermediate restorative material, biodentine, bioaggregate and a prototype calcium silicate cement for use as root-end filling materialsGrech, L.; Mallia, Bertram; Camilleri, Josette
2013A quantitative method for determining the antiwashout characteristics of cement-based dental materials including mineral trioxide aggregateFormosa, L. M.; Mallia, Bertram; Camilleri, Josette
2013Mineral trioxide aggregate with anti-washout gel – properties and microstructureFormosa, L.M.; Mallia, Bertram; Camilleri, Josette
2014Porosity and root dentine to material interface assessment of calcium silicate-based root-end filling materialsCamilleri, Josette; Grech, L.; Galea, K.; Keir, D.; Fenech, Maurizio; Formosa, L.; Damidot, D.; Mallia, Bertram
2014Push-out bond strength of MTA with antiwashout gel or resinsFormosa, L. M.; Mallia, Bertram; Camilleri, Josette
2011Replacement of radiopacifier in mineral trioxide aggregate ; characterization and determination of physical propertiesCutajar, A.; Mallia, Bertram; Abela, S.; Camilleri, Josette