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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Measurement and modeling of magnetic hysteresis in the LHC superconducting correctorsVenturini Delsolaro, Walter; Bottura, Luca; Karppinen, Mikko; Sammut, Nicholas; Chaudhari, Y.
2008Main field tracking measurement in the LHC superconducting dipole and quadrupole magnetsXydi, Panagiota; Sammut, Nicholas; Alemany Fernandez, Reyes; Bottura, Luca; Deferne, Guy; Lamont, Mike; Miles, J.; Mompo, R.; Strzelczyk, Marek; Venturini Delsolaro, Walter
2004Scaling laws for the field quality at injection in the LHC dipolesBottura, Luca; Sammut, Nicholas; Pieloni, Tatiana
2006A hall plate based instrument to measure the snapback in the Large Hadron Collider superconducting dipole magnetsSammut, Nicholas; Benedico-Mora, Eva; Bottura, Luca; Galbraith, Peter; Giloteaux, David; Greco, Gabriele; Haverkamp, Markus; Marchesotti, Marco; Masi, Alessandro; Micallef, Joseph; Pieloni, Tatiana; Smirnov, Nikolay; Tikhov, Alexander
2008Dependence of the static and dynamic field quality of the LHC superconducting dipole magnets on the pre-cycle ramp rateSammut, Nicholas; Bottura, Luca; Deferne, Guy; Venturini Delsolaro, Walter; Wolf, Ronald M.
2004Axis measurements, field quality and quench performance of the first LHC short straight sectionsSanfilippo, Stephane; Smirnov, Nikolai E.; Schnizer, Pierre; Sammut, Nicholas; Pugnat, Pierre; Bottura, Luca; Siemko, Andrzej; Calvi, Marco; Chohan, Vinod; Stafiniak, Andrzej; Walckiers, Louis; Hagen, Per; Todesco, Ezio; Tortschanoff, Theodor; Simon, Fabrice; Durante, Maria J.
2009First field test of FiDeL the magnetic field description for the LHCBottura, Luca; Buzio, Marco; Catalan Lasheras, Nuria; Deniau, Laurent; Castro, Mario di; Fartoukh, S.; Giovannozzi, Massimo; Hagen, Per; Koutchouk, Jean Pierre; Lamont, Mike; Miles, J.; Remondino, Vittorio; Sammut, Nicholas; Sanfilippo, Stephane; Schmidt, Frank; Sernelius, D.; Steinhagen, Ralph; Strzeclzyk, Marek; Tomas, Rogelio; Todesco, Ezio; Venturini Delsolaro, Walter; Walckiers, Louis; Wenninger, Jorg; Wolf, Ronald M.; Xydi, Panagiota
2006Mathematical formulation to predict the harmonics of the superconducting Large Hadron Collider magnetsSammut, Nicholas; Bottura, Luca; Micallef, Joseph
2005Focusing strength measurements of the main quadrupoles for the LHCBottura, Luca; Deferne, Guy; Sammut, Nicholas; Sanfilippo, Stephane; Marco, Joseph di; Smirnov, Nikolai E.; Calvi, Marco
2005Electrical and magnetic performance of the LHC short straight sectionsSanfilippo, Stephane; Beauquis, J.; Bottura, Luca; Buzio, Marco; Coccoli, Mirco; Garcia Perez, Juan; Pugnat, Pierre; Sammut, Nicholas; Siemko, Andrzej; Smirnov, Nikolai E.; Stafiniak, Andrzej; Wildner, Elena