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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001A 1 V second order Sigma-Delta modulatorGrech, Ivan; Micallef, Joseph; Debono, Carl James; Malcovati, Piero; Maloberti, Franco
2016Design and analysis of a MEMS-based electrothermal microgripperCauchi, Marija; Mollicone, Pierluigi; Grech, Ivan; Mallia, Bertram; Sammut, Nicholas
2018Theoretical and finite element analysis of dynamic deformation in resonating micromirrorsFarrugia, Russell; Grech, Ivan; Camilleri, Duncan; Casha, Owen; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2011-05-28Introduction to the special issue on ICECS 2008Micallef, Joseph; Grech, Ivan
20051.6-GHz low power low phase noise quadrature phase locked loop with on chip DC-DC converter for wide tuning rangeCasha, Owen; Grech, Ivan; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2015-03Analysis and design of an electrostatic MEMS microphone using the PolyMUMPs processGrixti, Ryan; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Darmanin, Jean Marie; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2015The analysis of warpage in wafer-level compression moldingFarrugia, Russell; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph; Ellul, Ivan; Duca, Roseanne; Borg, Ingram
2016Analysis of dynamic deformation in 1-D resonating micromirrorsFarrugia, Russell; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Micallef, Joseph; Gatt, Edward
2016Analytical modeling of an electrostatically actuated torsional micromirrorGauci, Jordan Lee; Grech, Ivan; Casha, Owen; Farrugia, Russell; Gatt, Edward; Micallef, Joseph
2007A 10 Gsamples/s SiGe track-and-hold amplifier with 8-bit resolutionZammit, Paul; Grech, Ivan; Micallef, Joseph; Gatt, Edward