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Title: Alternative products by the livestock sector in Malta
Authors: Attard, George
Keywords: Poultry -- Malta
Meat -- Malta
Livestock -- Malta
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: APS Bank
Citation: Attard, G. (2006). Alternative products by the livestock sector in Malta. Future Products for the Agricultural and Fisheries Sector in Malta. 33-45.
Abstract: Malta became a member state within the European Union in May 2004. The Maltese agricultural sector now has access to one of the largest markets, but in return had to remove all sorts of protectionism from inbound European products. As we stand to-date/ two years post membership, the livestock sector is expressing a lethargic attitude and portraying an air of despair and confusion. In evaluating the real extent of deterioration, one should separate the facts from perceptions of the present situation as compared to the real situation prior to accession. Fortunately, several reliable comprehensive references are available They include a comprehensive study entitled Malta Agricultural Policy and EC Membership: Challenges and Opportunities by FAa; Animal Waste in Maltese Agriculture by Peter Jackson; and Census of Agriculture 2001 published by the National Statistics Office, Malta. FAO's project had the objective of carrying out an agricultural sector review aimed at the implementation of the new international and domestic policy changes necessary for eventual EU membership. The findings, with particular emphasis on the proposal for dealing with key agricultural policy, were presented in the report. The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast aspects of livestock production pre and post membership. Alternatives to meet the challenges and opportunities will also be suggested,
ISBN: 9789993267996
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