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Title: Donation document made out to the 'conventui Sancti Lazari infirmorum de Jerusalem'
Authors: Robertus of Franclieu
Keywords: Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem -- History
Robertus of Franclieu
Land titles -- Registration and transfer -- Jerusalem
Issue Date: 1153
Abstract: Document by Robert of Franclieu with the consent of his spouse Agnes and his six children dated 1153, to the convent of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem on the road to Betlehem of donation of a vineland situated in front of the convent and adnexing the vineland belonging to the infirmary of St. Lazarus.
Description: Transcribed in: A. de Marsy [ed.]. Fragment d’un Cartulaire de l’Ordre de Saint-Lazare en Terre Sainte. Archives de l’Orient latin, Ernest Leroux, Paris, Vol.2, 1884, no.II, p.121-163
Transcribed in: Charles Savona-Ventura. The Order of Saint Lazarus in the Holy Land. Grand Priory of the Maltese Islands - MHOSLJ, Malta, 2011.
French translation in: L. Cibrario. Precis historique des Ordres religieux et militaries de S. Lazare et dr S. Mauruice avant et après leur reunion. [French edition, trans. H. Ferrand], L. Perrin, Lyon, 1860, p.18
OSML/MA: Ms. fol.4
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