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Title: De Frater Hypocratici
Authors: Anon.
Keywords: Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem -- History
Latin poetry -- 16th century
Issue Date: 1544
Abstract: De Frater Hypocratici dated to mid-16th century. A satirical poem composed after the dissolution of the Order in England in 1544. It denounced the naïve compassion of those who, seeing the suffering, eagerly donate to the Order. These “worthless brothers”, who playing the image of Lazarus have accumulated wealth throughout the world on the basis of the false superstition of humble. But God has just sent a just king (Henry VIII) who came to update and restore a sincere religion. If his son and successor (Edward VI) completes his work, this restoration will be even more fulfilled.
Description: Original document part of the Burton Cartulary (British Library). vide Huntington Lbrary, San Marino (California), ms HM 160, fol.129-129 verso.
Transcribed in: R. Hyacinthe. L'Ordre de Saint-Lazare de Jérusalem au Moyen Age. Études & Communication Édition, Bez-et-Esparon, 2003, +253p. [doc XVII]
Register cover of the collected documents from the Burton Lazar cartulary (Britiah Library) 178x246 mm. Huntington Library. San Marino (California), ms HM 160. fol. 129-vo.
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