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Title: Neurological diseases and stem cell transplantation - review paper
Authors: Vassallo, J.
Blundell, Renald
Keywords: Neural stem cells
Stem cells -- Transplantation
Nervous system -- Diseases
Brain -- Cancer
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Medwell
Citation: Vassallo, J., & Blundell, R. (2008). Neurological diseases and stem cell transplantation-review paper. International Journal of Molecular Medicine and Advance Sciences, 4(3), 62-73.
Abstract: Stem cells and their potentials for therapy are major areas of research. The literature on the subject is expanding at a very rapid pace and the great prospectives offered by these remarkable cells are continuously being unravelled. The use of stem cells vis-à-vis neurological diseases is of particular interest since many such diseases have a poor prognosis and generally decrease considerably the quality of life. Treatment of neurological diseases is complicated by the lack of regeneration of the nervous system, the neuroanatomical complexity, the presence of the blood-brain barrier and the possible spread of excitotoxicity. Hence, more effective ways how to intervene on these pathological processes are required. This review highlights, the fundamental aspects of stem cell biology, with a special reference to neural stem cells and their niches. Dysmyelinating diseases and invasive brain tumours are specifically considered since, they are presumed candidates for successful clinical application of stem cell therapy.
ISSN: 1813176X
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