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Title: Textual properties and task based evaluation : investigating the role of surface properties, structure and content
Authors: Gatt, Albert
Portet, Francois
Keywords: Natural language processing (Computer science)
Corpora (Linguistics)
Linguistic analysis (Linguistics)
Reference (Linguistics)
Word (Linguistics)
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics
Citation: Gatt, A., & Portet, F. (2010). Textual properties and task based evaluation: investigating the role of surface properties, structure and content. 6th International Natural Language Generation Conference, Trim. 57-65.
Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship between the results of an extrinsic, task-based evaluation of an NLG system and various metrics measuring both surface and deep semantic textual properties, including relevance. The latter rely heavily on domain knowledge. We show that they correlate systematically with some measures of performance. The core argument of this paper is that more domain knowledge-based metrics shed more light on the relationship between deep semantic properties of a text and task performance.
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