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Title: The GREC main subject reference generation challenge 2009 : overview and evaluation results
Authors: Belz, Anja
Kow, Eric
Viethen, Jette
Gatt, Albert
Keywords: Natural language processing (Computer science)
Corpora (Linguistics)
Linguistic analysis (Linguistics)
Reference (Linguistics)
Word (Linguistics)
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics
Citation: Belz, A., Kow, E., Viethen, J., & Gatt, A. (2009). The GREC main subject reference generation challenge 2009: overview and evaluation results. 2009 Workshop on Language Generation and Summarisation, Suntec. 79-87.
Abstract: The GREC-MSR Task at Generation Challenges 2009 required participating systems to select coreference chains to the main subject of short encyclopaedic texts collected from Wikipedia. Three teams submitted one system each, and we additionally created four baseline systems. Systems were tested automatically using existing intrinsic metrics. We also evaluated systems extrinsically by applying coreference resolution tools to the outputs and measuring the success of the tools. In addition, systems were tested in an intrinsic evaluation involving human judges. This report describes the GREC-MSR Task and the evaluation methods applied, gives brief descriptions of the participating systems, and presents the evaluation results.
ISBN: 9781932432-510
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