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Title: A repository of data and evaluation resources for natural language generation
Authors: Belz, Anja
Gatt, Albert
Keywords: Natural language processing (Computer science)
Corpora (Linguistics)
Linguistic analysis (Linguistics)
Reference (Linguistics)
Word (Linguistics)
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: European Language Resources Association
Citation: Belz, A., & Gatt, A. (2012). A repository of data and evaluation resources for natural language generation. LREC 2012, Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Istanbul. 1-6.
Abstract: Starting in 2007, the field of natural language generation (NLG) has organised shared-task evaluation events every year, under the Generation Challenges umbrella. In the course of these shared tasks, a wealth of data has been created, along with associated task definitions and evaluation regimes. In other contexts too, sharable NLG data is now being created. In this paper, we describe the online repository that we have created as a one-stop resource for obtaining NLG task materials, both from Generation Challenges tasks and from other sources, where the set of materials provided for each task consists of (i) task definition, (ii) input and output data, (iii) evaluation software, (iv) documentation, and (v) publications reporting previous results.
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