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Title: Homage to fertility?
Other Titles: 100,000 years of beauty
Authors: Lagana, Louis
Keywords: Neolithic period -- Malta
Art, Prehistoric -- Malta
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Gallimard
Citation: Lagana, L. (2009). Homage to fertility? In E. Azoulay, A. Demian & D. Frioux (Eds.) 100,000 years of beauty - Vol 1, prehistory/foundations (pp. 256-259), Paris: Gallimard.
Series/Report no.: Prehistory/Foundations;1
Abstract: One of the most spectacular Neolithic monuments in the Maltese archipelago is the underground labyrinth and shrine known as the Hypogeum or Hal Saflieni temple. This extraordinary structure, carved in the non-limestone rock, was used as a temple and burial ground. Among other objets, it has yielded a remarkable female figurine, the famous Sleeping Lady of Malta. This prehistoric masterpiece, made of terracotta and measuring twelve centimetres in length, represents a reclining woman with bare breasts and generous hips. Her lower half is covered by a pleated skirt held in place by a belt round her waist. Her head is lying on a sort of cushion and the bed on which she is reclining stands on four long strips of wood joined by two further transversal strips. She is lying on one side, one arm under her head, deeply asleep and dreaming.
ISBN: 9782070125319
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