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Title: Full-abstraction for must testing preorders
Other Titles: Coordination models and languages : COORDINATION 2017. Lecture notes in computer science
Authors: Bernardi, Giovanni
Francalanza, Adrian
Keywords: Computer multitasking
Software refactoring
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Springer, Cham
Citation: Bernardi, G., & Francalanza, A. (2017). Full-abstraction for must testing preorders. In J. M. Jacquet, & M. Massink (Eds.), Coordination models and languages. COORDINATION 2017. Lecture notes in computer science, vol 10319. Cham: Springer.
Abstract: The client must preorder relates tests (clients) instead of processes (servers). The existing characterisation of this preorder is unsatisfactory for it relies on the notion of usable clients which, in turn, are defined using an existential quantification over the servers that ensure client satisfaction. In this paper we characterise the set of usable clients for finite-branching LTSs, and give a sound and complete decision procedure for it. We also provide a novel coinductive characterisation of the client preorder, which we use to argue that the preorder is decidable, thus positively answering the question opened in
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