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Title: A study on the solubility of Frangula emodin
Authors: Mizzi, Martina
Duca, Deborah
Farrugia, Claude
Keywords: Frangula
Chemistry, Analytic
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Chemistry
Citation: Mizzi, M., Duca, D., & Farrugia, C. (2015). A study on the solubility of Frangula emodin. Eighth National Chemistry Symposium, Department of Chemistry, University of Malta, Malta.
Abstract: Emodin (1,3,8‐trihydroxy‐6‐methyl‐anthraquinone) is a kind of anthraquinone derived from Frangula alnus. This research study describes how its solubility varies in acetonitrile, methanol, ethanol and sodium hydroxide. The physicochemical properties of emodin were also analysed through particle size, bulk density, tapped density, angle of repose and wettability measurements.
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