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Title: The Mediterranean union from the perspective of the Mediterranean island states
Authors: Pace, Roderick
Keywords: European Union -- Malta
European Union -- Cyprus
States, Small -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Citation: Pace, R. (2009). The Mediterranean union from the perspective of the Mediterranean island states. The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 17(2), 147-170.
Abstract: The two EU, Mediterranean island-states of Cyprus and Malta have a strong interest in Mediterranean initiatives that enhance regional stability and security. In line with the majority of the other Mediterranean states, they both supported the launching of the Union for the Mediterranean. However, both small states have a different conception of what the UfM should achieve, with Cyprus laying special emphasis on resolution of regional conflicts while Malta taking a more functionalist approach emphasising the protection of fish resources and depollution. Both states seem to overlook the many problems which beset the initiative such as the lack of finances for its projects and the interface between the UfM and the EU institutions. Another issue is whether the two island states can influence the internal processes or whether internal rivalries between the larger EU states could see them side-lined? Can these small states play the role of 'honest brokers' normally associated with small and weak states?
ISSN: 20414099
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