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Title: The Mediterranean union risks being stillborn
Authors: Pace, Roderick
Keywords: Mediterranean Region -- Relations -- European Union countries
European Union countries -- Relations -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Friends of Europe
Citation: Pace, R. (2009). The Mediterranean union risks being stillborn. Europe’s World (Summer issue), 148-151.
Abstract: The infant Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) seems to be suffering from growing pains or perhaps worse. It is already becoming infected by the same maladies that it had set out to heal. Steadily but surely, interactions in the UfM have relapsed back into the same old patterns of behaviour that the invention of the UfM was meant to end. Unless remedial action is taken quickly, it may not be long before the UfM joins the roll call of dead, unsung and unlamented Mediterranean policies.
ISSN: 17820642
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