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Title: Die altesten Statuten fur die Lazaritenkloster Seedorf, im Gfenn, und in Slatte
Authors: Gall Morel, G.
Keywords: Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem -- History
Issue Date: 1847
Abstract: Regulations regarding the statutes 'for the house in Jerusalem'. The first part of these regulations covers those composed before 1187, some sections were added in Acre circa 1240-1291, and the last part when the Seedorf community was to become a nunnery in the 14th century.
Description: G. Gall Morel, ed.: "Die altesten statuten fur die Lazaritenkloster Seedorf, in Gfenn, und in Slatte - 1314-1321." in Der Geschichtsfreund: Mittheilungen des historischen Vereins der funf Orte Luzern, Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden und Zug, 4(1847), 119-158.
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