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Title: SPeeDI - a verification tool for polygonal hybrid systems
Authors: Asarin, Eugene
Pace, Gordon J.
Schneider, Gerardo
Yovine, Sergio
Keywords: Hybrid systems
Differential inclusions
Computer algorithms
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg
Citation: Asarin, E., Pace, G., Schneider, G., & Yovine, S. (2002). SPeeDI - a verification tool for polygonal hybrid systems. 14th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification, Copenhagen. 1-5.
Abstract: Hybrid systems combining discrete and continuous dynamics arise as mathematical models of various artificial and natural systems, and as an approximation to complex continuous systems. A very important problem in the analysis of the behavior of hybrid systems is reachability. It is well-known that for most non-trivial subclasses of hybrid systems this and all interesting verification problems are undecidable. Most of the proved decidability results rely on stringent hypothesis that lead to the existence of a finite and computable partition of the state space into classes of states which are equivalent with respect to reachability. This is the case for classes of rectangular automata [1] and hybrid automata with linear vector fields [2]. Most implemented computational procedures resort to (forward or backward) propagation of constraints, typically (unions of convex) polyhedra or ellipsoids [3, 4, 5]. In general, these techniques provide semi-decision procedures, that is, if the given final set of states is reachable, they will terminate, otherwise they may fail to. Maybe the major drawback of set-propagation, reachset approximation procedures is that they pay little attention to the geometric properties of the specific (class of) systems under analysis.
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