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Title: Personalization for the Semantic Web III
Authors: Abela, Charlie
Baldoni, Matteo
Baroglio, Cristina
Baumgartner, Robert
Brunkhorst, Ingo
Henze, Nicola
Klopotek, Mieczyslaw A.
Martelli, Alberto
Montebello, Matthew
Patti, Viviana
Wierzchon, Slawomir T.
Keywords: Semantic Web
World Wide Web
Web personalization
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: European Commission
Citation: Abela, C., Baldoni, M., Baroglio, C., Baumgartner, R., Brunkhorst, B., Henze, N..., Wierzchoń, S.T. (2006). Personalization for the Semantic Web III, REWERSE European project deliverable. (IST-2004-506779). Munich, Germany.
Abstract: This report provides an overview of the achievements of working group A3 for bringing personalization functionality to the Semantic Web. It continues the work started in the deliverable A3-D1 and A3-D4. In the deliverable at hand, we report on a successfully held workshop on Semantic Web Personalization at the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference, and the research results on techniques and algorithms for enabling personalization in the Semantic Web, and achievements on developing suitable architectures for the personalized information systems in the Semantic Web.
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