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Title: Sex in the machine : the ultimate contraceptive
Authors: Grech, Victor E.
Vassallo, Clare
Callus, Ivan
Keywords: Sex toys
Companion dolls
Sex dolls
Virtual reality -- Social aspects
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Science Fiction Research Association
Citation: Grech, V. E., Thake-Vassallo, C., & Callus, I. (2012). Sex in the machine : the ultimate contraceptive. SFRA Review, 302, 16-21.
Abstract: VIRTUAL SEX is akin to narcissism as in effect, such sex, without direct physical contact with another being or with an artificial intelligence, is equivalent to masturbation. In Greek mythology, Narcissus was cold in nature and was cursed by being made to fall in love with his own reflection in a woodland pool “until he died from exhaustion and unsatisfied desire”. Ennui in the face of the real world and lack of mating opportunities may ensue because of the spread of virtual reality environments which, to the individual, are more predictable, controllable, compliant, and hence more entertaining and satisfying than real life. This paper will trace the development of sex toys from dolls to cyberspace, and compare this development with sex with robots leading on to sex in virtual environments (VR) within the science-fiction (SF) genre. An interdisciplinary flavour will inevitably intrude as the author is a medical doctor, and hence, real-life medical conditions will be mentioned in relation to this theme, where appropriate.
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