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Title: From citizen science to jellyfish dispersion models and molecular studies : tracking the progress of jellyfish science in Malta (Central Mediterranean)
Authors: Deidun, Alan
Cucco, A.
Umgiesser, G.
Cutajar, D.
Piraino, Stefano
Fuentes, Veronica
Marambio, Macarena
Daly Yahia, Nejib
Pulis, Kristian
Zammit-Mangion, Marion
Keywords: Environmental sciences -- Research -- Citizen participation
Jellyfishes -- Malta
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: IOC-UNESCO and CEIMAR
Citation: Deidun, A., Cucco, A., Umgiesser, G., Cutajar, D., Piraino, S., Fuentes, V.,...Zammit-Mangion, M. (2015). From citizen science to jellyfish dispersion models and molecular studies: tracking the progress of jellyfish science in Malta (Central Mediterranean). PERSEUS International Jellyfish Workshop, Cadiz. 33-34.
Abstract: Following participation within the 1980”s FAO-mediated monitoring exercises of Pelagia noctiluca blooms within Maltese waters, little scientific effort was invested in studying the dynamics of jellyfish blooms within same waters and at developing management and public information strategies concerning the same blooms. A renewed scientific effort at studying such aspects within Maltese waters was registered from 2010 onwards, with the launch of the Spot the Jellyfish citizen science campaign ( which provided a user-friendly, multivalent and web-based through which maritime stakehold- ers and the public at large could submit their jellyfish records for Maltese waters. The web- based portal was also supported by other promotional initiatives in the field, such as the installation of seaside boards on beaches. Through this initiative, several previously-un- documented species of gelatinous plankton were recorded for the first time from the same waters, including Rhopilema nomadica, Aequorea forskalea, Porpita porpita, Discomedua lobata, Geryonia proboscidalis, Neotima lucullana, Physophora hydrostatica, Chrysaora hysoscella and Oceania armata. The maintenance of an updated jellyfish record database has been made possible through the conduction of such a citizen science initiative.
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