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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1285Act drawn up by 'Thomas de Sainville, quondam generalis Magistri Ordinis Milicie Sancti Lazari Jerusalem'De Sainville, Thomas
1180Agreement document binding the 'fratres de Sancto Lazaro Ierosolimitano' to care for four lepers in their 'domo hospitali de CarletonRudolph of Amundaville
1308Appointment document of 'fratrem Rogerum de Roreby' as 'capellanum, procuratorem, atteoratum et preceptorem in domibus nostris finibus Northumbrie et regno Scotie'Veau, Adam de
1150Approval deed allowing the purchase of land by the 'fratres Sancti Lazari extra muros Jerusalem leprosi'Baldwin III, King of Jerusalem
1150-06-22Approval deed allowing the purchase of land by the 'fratres Sancti Lazari extra muros Jerusalem leprosi'Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem
1236-01-16Bulla Papae Gregorie IX : Belam, regem Hungariae, regat et hortatur.....Gregory IX, Pope
1234-01-14Bulla Papae Gregorie IX: Universos fideles monet et bortatur ut....Gregory IX, Pope
1255-04-11Bullae Papae Alexander IV: Cum รก nobis petiturAlexander IV, Pope
1255-03-11Bullae Papae Alexander IV: Eisdem magistro et fratribus, quorum hospitaleAlexander IV, Pope
1255-02-18Bullae Papae Alexander IV: Magistris et fratribus hospitalis leprosorum s. Lazari JerosolymitaniAlexander IV, Pope
1257-11-22Bullae Papae Alexander IV: Magistro et fratribus domus militie Leprosorum Sancti Lazari JerosolimitaneAlexander IV, Pope
1265-05-05Bullae Papae Clement IV: Cum dilectis filiisClement IV, Pope
1265-08-05Bullae Papae Clement IV: Venerabilibus Fratribus nostrisClement IV, Pope
1262-11-01Bullae Papae Urbain IV: Priori et fratribus hospitalis Lazari AcconensisUrban IV, Pope
1199Certificate arresting to the bishop's visit to the 'fratres Sancti Lazari in Anglia and Burton'Hugh, of Lincoln, Saint
1390Chancellery minute from Nicholas de Douvres complaining about the appointment of Richard de Clifford in his stead.De Douvres, Nicholas
1144Charter confirming the donation document of 1142 made to the 'leprosis ecclesie Sancti Lazari que est in Jerusalem contratribusBaldwin III, King of Jerusalem; Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem
1178Charter drawn up in favour of the 'ecclesie Sancti Lazari extra muros Jerusalem et fratibus lepros' dated 1178-1184 confirming donation of various churches in Lincoln, Derby and York including that of Castleford given by Henry de Lascy.Henry II, King of England
1116Charter drawn up in favour of the 'leprosis Sancti Lazari de Jerusalem'Henry I, King of England
1253Chronica MajoraParis, Matthew