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Title: Evaluation of design features to achieve higher energy efficiency for a modern office building in Malta
Authors: Yousif, Charles
Cristobal Manchado, Maria
Keywords: Architecture and energy conservation -- Malta
Energy consumption -- Analysis -- Malta
Office building -- Heating and ventilation -- Malta
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations
Citation: Yousif, C., & Cristóbal Manchado, M. (2013). Evaluation of design features to achieve higher energy efficiency for a modern office building in Malta. Clima 2013, 11th REHVA World Congress and 8th International Conference on IAQVEC, Prague.
Abstract: This paper considered a newly-built energy efficient office block in Malta, in order to study its energy efficient design features and produce a hierarchy of their impact on energy saving. DesignBuilder-EnergyPlus software was the main tool used for this study. Results have shown that, while insulation of roofs and walls reduced energy consumption, the application of double glazing without shading and night-time natural ventilation could increase the energy demand. The study has also shown that shading techniques play an important role in determining, not only the lighting load but also the level of comfort of the occupants with regards to glare, hot-spot regions and non-homogenous lighting patterns. Natural night-time ventilation, if used properly, has been demonstrated to contribute towards reducing the cooling load, which is the major energy demand for this office building. The study concludes that in mild climates, combining less aggressive and cheaper insulation products for walls and fenestration, with effective shading elements and natural night-time ventilation, may produce the best energy savings options, while keeping the capital costs moderate.
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