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Title: High concentration PV system
Authors: Pereles, Oscar
Bett, Andreas W.
Lockenhoff, Rudiger
Lupfert, Eckhard
Haberle, Andreas
Fernandez, Jesus
Strobi, Gerhard
Faiman, David
Soler, Robert
Yousif, Charles
Keywords: Photovoltaic power systems -- Equipment and supplies
Photovoltaic power systems -- Technological innovations
Solar energy
Renewable energy sources
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Instituto de Energía Solar
Citation: Pereles, O., Bett, A. W., Lockenhoff, R., Lupfert, E., Haberle, A., Fernandez, J.,..Yousif, C. (2007). High concentration PV system. 4th International Conference on Solar Concentrators for the Generation of Electricity or Hydrogen, San Lorenzo del Escorial.
Abstract: The aim of the European funded project HICON (High Concentration PV Power Systems) has been to develop, set up and test a new high concentration – 1000x or more – PV system. This system uses an actively cooled large-area receiver consisting of III-V solar cells. Two technology fields have been integrated: The high concentration of the sunlight has been obtained by using technologies experienced in solar thermal systems like parabolic dishes or tower systems. The high concentration photovoltaic receiver is based on the III-V solar cell technology. To deal with the high concentration, Monolithic Integrated Modules (MIMs) [1-3] have been further developed and assembled to Compact Concentrator Modules (CCM). The CCM prototypes have been tested in a solar furnace (PSA) and in a parabolic dish (BGU). The results of the project will be presented in this paper.
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