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Title: Energy performance rating of dwellings in Malta
Authors: Yousif, Charles
Gomez Royeula, Ignacio
Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
Keywords: Dwellings -- Energy consumption -- Malta
Energy conservation -- Malta
Energy policy -- Malta
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: University of Dubrovnik
Citation: Yousif, C., Gómez Royuela, I., & Rey Martinez, F. J. (2011). Energy performance rating of dwellings in Malta. 6th Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Dubrovnick. SDEWES11-0578.
Abstract: This work has focused on implementing the Energy Performance Rating of Dwellings in Malta (EPRDM) software on a new residential block, and comparing its results to those obtained from DesignBuilder-EnergyPlus software. The aim was to evaluate the performance of the EPRDM software, which is based on monthly averages, to an analytical software DesignBuilder-EnergyPlus. Results showed that heating requirements took the bulk of the energy demand, even though Malta is situated in the Mediterranean where temperatures are mild. This was attributed to the high U-value of internal single-walls. It was also seen that cooling in summer is a necessity to ensure a reasonable temperature within the building block. Water heating carries a significant load and has been identified as one area where renewable energy systems could reliably contribute. On an annual average, both softwares gave similar results which confirm the suitability and adequacy of the simpler EPRDM software to be used for single-zone buildings, while giving the possibility of using DesignBuilder-EnergyPlus for more complex buildings, given that Malta has no official software for multi-zones buildings.
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