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Title: Vessels delineation in retinal images using COSFIRE filters
Authors: Azzopardi, George
Strisciuglio, Nicola
Vento, Mario
Petkov, Nicolai
Keywords: Pattern recognition systems
Retina -- Imaging
Issue Date: 2014-04
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Citation: Azzopardi, G., Strisciuglio, N., Vento, M., & Petkov, N. (2014). Vessels delineation in retinal images using COSFIRE filters. Machine Vision and Applications, 17(8), 1137-1149.
Abstract: Retinal image analysis is widely used in the medical community to diagnose several pathologies. The automatic analysis of such images is important to perform more ef-ficient diagnosis. We propose an effective method for the delineation of blood vessels in retinal images using train-able bar-selective COSFIRE filters. The results that we achieve on three publicly available data sets (DRIVE: Se = 0.7655, Sp = 0.9704; STARE: Se = 0.7763, Sp = 0.9695; CHASE DB1: Se = 0.7699, Sp = 0.9476) demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
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