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Title: A technique for delineating defects in silicon
Authors: Mule Stagno, Luciano
Keywords: Etching
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Scientific.Net
Citation: Mule Stagno, L. (2002). A technique for delineating defects in silicon. Solid State Phenomena, 82-84, 753-758.
Abstract: A decoration and etching technique was developed to delineate several types of defects in silicon wafers, slugs and slabs. The technique was originally developed to detect interstitial type (A) defects but it has proved highly effective in decorating all kinds of other defects. Being fast, and requiring no special equipment except an inexpensive muffle furnace and a dedicated etch bench the technique has quickly become an integral part of our characterization portfolio. We discuss below how we have used this technique and its advantages over other methods used to detect A-defects.
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