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Title: Visualizing music : a typographical experimentation on how to depict the emotion of music through typography and calligraphy
Authors: Mercieca, Andrew
Keywords: Calligraphy
Music -- Psychological aspects
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This particular study focuses on how to depict the emotion of music through Typography and Calligraphy, with the aid of other mediums like colour and sound and try and enhance that emotion to communicate a better experience to people. The aim for dissertation is to explore the concepts of typography and calligraphy in design and how were they used in regards to music. The particular interest is how through the years, sound and music has been visualized through typography, the combination between the dynamic movement in music and the static design of type. The practical design target, choosing a song with lyrics and examining and dissecting it to get an idea of the emotion, tone, melody and rhythm so as to show it all through typographic designs. The end result of the project is one choice of lyrics done with all the emotion instilled in it by the music in best way possible as a demonstration for how all the others will look like. Questionnaires done with two musicians, one academically taught, one self-­‐taught and a graphic designer where also a help in this study. The lyrics of the particular song played an extremely important part to construct the ideas for the project. Furthermore, what was concluded was that multiple ways of different styles can be applicable to this study as it mostly is a method of personal interpretation.
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