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Title: Remembering 1565 : the role of memory in the urban fabric of the island order state of the Hospitallers
Other Titles: Besieged : Malta 1565
Authors: Buttigieg, Emanuel
Davies, Franco
Keywords: Malta -- History -- Knights of Malta, 1530-1798
Siege, 1565
Collective memory -- Malta
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Malta Libraries and Heritage Malta
Citation: Buttigieg, E., & Davies, F. (2015). Remembering 1565: the role of memory in the urban fabric of the island order state of the Hospitallers. In M. Camilleri [Ed.], Besieged. Malta 1565, (pp.147-158). Malta: Malta Libraries and Heritage Malta.
Abstract: In Hospitaller historiography, the Rhodian phase (1306/09-1522) is often discussed in terms of the development of an 'island order state'; that is, the coming together of the international Order of St John and the island of Rhodes led to the formation of a unique political structure in late medieval Europe. Given the utility of this island order state approach it is surprising that it has not been applied to the study of Hospitaller Malta (1530-1798). This paper, therefore, proposes to look at early modern Malta through this historiographical lens and to do so from the perspective of rituals and memory focused on the Great Siege of 1565. Rituals were fundamental to the sustenance of all early modern states, not least the Hospitaller state in Malta. Rather than ephemeral events, rituals need to be seen as central elements in the sustenance of the island order state. In this vein, the victory of 1565 against the eternal enemy constituted by the Ottoman Empire, provided important material for a 'memory of triumph' that the Order would develop in subsequent decades. Memory is retrospective but it also points to the future. In remembering the events of 1565 - through for instance centennial celebrations in 1665 and through the regular display in official events of significant objects such as the sword and dagger given by King Philip II of Spain to Grand Master Jean de Valette - the Order basked in its glory and restated its continuing relevance. Rituals commemorating 1565 'ignited' the meaning of the monumental and permanent structures raised by the Order (in Valletta and across its harbour). This paper will seek to understand how the Order developed its emblems and ceremonies so that Hospitallers and non Hospitallers could participate as magnificently as possible in venerating the dead, honouring their leaders and celebrating their heroes.
ISBN: 9789993257318
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