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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Y chromosome in turner syndrome : a case reportTaliana, Nikita; Grech, Victor E.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.; Said, Edith
2015Right ventricular outflow tract stenting : effective palliation for Fallot’s tetralogyBugeja, Justine; Grech, Victor E.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
20163 year old with chronic wet cough : Intralobar Bronchopulmonary sequestrationMicallef, S.P.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.; Grech, Victor E.; Sammut, Patrick
2011Patent arterial duct occlusion with two amplatzer duct occluder devicesGrech, Victor E.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2003Amplatzer ASO device closure of secundum atrial septal defects and patent foramen ovaleGrech, Victor E.; Felice, Herbert; Fenech, Albert; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2003Late presentation and successful treatment of classical scimitar syndromeGrech, Victor E.; Xuereb, R.; Xuereb, M.; Manche, Alexander; Schembri, K.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2005Cardiac catheter assessment of congenital heart disease prior to total cavopulmonary connectionDeGiovanni, Joseph V.; Grech, Victor E.
2004Use of stents for correction of pulmonary artery branch stenosisMercieca, Victor; Grech, Victor E.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2005Stent implantation for coarctation facilitated by the anterograde trans-septal approachSreeram, Narayanswami; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.
2004Delayed Amplatzer device closure of atrial septal defect for persistent cyanosis after surgical correction of severe pulmonary stenosis in early infancyGrech, Victor E.; Falzon, A.; DeGiovanni, Joseph V.