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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1979-01Additions to the Maltese floraLanfranco, Edwin
2001-12New records for the Maltese flora : Centaurea acaulis L. (Family Asteraceae)Lanfranco, Edwin; Buttigieg, Rita
2007New records for the Maltese flora : Opuntia microdasys (Lehm.) Pfeiffer (Cactaceae)Lalov, Sdravko Vesselinov; Lanfranco, Edwin
2000-12New records for the Maltese flora : Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertner subsp. ajricana (Kennedy- O'byrne) S. Phillips (Poaceae) and Centranthus macrosiphon Boissier (Caprifoliaceae)Lanfranco, Edwin
2001-12New records for the Maltese flora : Pancratium foetidum Pomel (family Amaryllidaceae)Lanfranco, Edwin; Spiteri, Hubert J.
1984-09Notes on the flora of Malta 2 : Ammannia coccinea RottboelLanfranco, Edwin; Briffa, Michael
2008Rediscovery of Erophila verna L. Chevalier (Brassicaceae), Pteridium aquilinum L. Kuhn (Dennstaedtiaceae) and Crataegus azarolus L. (Rosaceae) on the island of Malta (Central Mediterranean)Lalov, Sdravko Vesselinov; Lanfranco, Edwin
1999-06Riella helicophylla (Mont.) Hook., a new addition to the macrophytic wetland flora of the Maltese Islands (Bryophyta, Marchantiopsida, Riellaceae)Lanfranco, Sandro; Lanfranco, Edwin
2000-12Rediscovery of Lotus halophilus Boissier et Spruner (Fabaceae) from the Island of Comino (Malta, Central Mediterranean)Lanfranco, Edwin; Stevens, Darrin T.
2007Rediscovery of Ornithogalum divergens Boreau (Hyacinthaceae) in Malta (Central Mediterranean)Lalov, Sdravko Vesselinov; Casha, Alex; Lanfranco, Edwin; Psaila, Martin; Tabone, Timothy J.