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Title: Gender difference in skin prick sensitivity to allergens in 10-15 year cases with respiratory symptoms vs controls in Sicily and Malta
Authors: Balzan, Martin
Zammit, Christopher
Bilocca, David
Cibella, Fabio
Ruggieri, Silvia
Drago, Gaspare
Minardi, Remo
Montefort, Stephen
Viegi, Giovanni
Keywords: Skin tests -- Malta
Skin tests -- Italy -- Sicily
Allergens -- Malta
Allergens -- Italy -- Sicily
Allergy -- Diagnosis
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: European Respiratory Society
Citation: Balzan, M., Cibella, F., Zammit, C., Ruggieri, S., Bilocca, D., Minardi, R.,… Viegi, G. (2014). Gender difference in skin prick sensitivity to allergens in 10-15 year cases with respiratory symptoms vs controls in Sicily and Malta. 22nd Annual Congress European Respiratory Society, Munich. 4089.
Abstract: The RESPIRA study (EU-funded Italia-Malta) was performed in the District of Gela (Southern Sicily) and Malta in 2012/3 in 10-15 years children (n=2,047) by questionnaires and clinical exam of cases and controls. Aims: To assess sensitivity to common allergens in these southern Mediterranean islands. Cases (n=137, M=84) reported wheeze and/or use of asthma medications in the last 12 months, while controls (n=159, M=70) answered negatively to both and rhinitis in the last 12 months. A positive SPT (>=3mm) for at least one allergen tested was found in 80/137 cases and 51/159 controls (p=0.0001). House Dust Mite (cases 62/137, controls 28/159, p=0.001), Parietaria (22/137, 10/159, p=0.008), Alternaria (19/137, 9/159, p=0.018), and Blattella (12/137, 5/159, p=0.046) were more frequently positive in cases than in controls. Olive (25/137, 19/159, p=0.142), cat (17/137, 11/159, P=0.116), and dog (9/137, 5/159, p=0.182) did not show a significant difference . Grass pollen sensitization was slightly higher in controls (10/137, 13/159). There was a significant difference by gender in a 2x4 chi2 comparing positive subjects amongst cases and controls. HDM: Males (cases 41/84 Controls 15/70), females (cases 21/53, controls 13/89) p=0.011; Olive: in Males (cases 19/84, controls 10/70) Females (cases 6/53, controls 9/89) p=0.007; Cat: Males (cases.12/84, controls 6/70) Females (cases.5/53 and 5/89) p=0.019; Dog: Males (cases 7/84 and 2/70) and Females (Cases 2 /53 and 4/89) p=0.017. SPT sensitivity to common Mediterranean aero-allergens in asthma patients vs controls was significantly higher in 10-15 year old Males when compared to females.
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